Martingham Property Owners Association
The MPOA Nominating Committee Invites You to

‘Get on Board’!

Apply for a MPOA Board Position
Full-time and Part-time Residents are welcome!

There are (3) three open Board seats for Single Family Homeowners
(Please note: Each Condo Association selects 1 Board Member. Two-year terms begin January 2023.)
ALL Applicants are required to complete an Application.
Submit no later than Friday, September 30,2022.

Please request an Application and Questionnaire from Nominating Co-chairs:
Kathy Reeves,  KOREEVES3@GMAIL.CO           Chip Coppins
or go to Nominating Committe under Member section for same

The Nominating Committee will review applications and present recommendations to the Board. The Board will mail ballots to all members and the General Vote results will be announced at the MPOA Annual Meeting on

Saturday, November 12, 2022.
The Nominating Committee will answer any questions you may have. Contact Kathy Reeves at or Chip Coppins at

Thank You!