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Hambleton Cove is a lovely community of homes in and around Hambleton Cove with breathtaking water views. In 1990, the first of our townhome buildings was designed and built along Hambleton Cove Creek, which flows into the Miles River. Our little community consists of 5 buildings of 28 townhomes, kayak racks, and a pier with 21 boat slips as well as a kayak launching dock. Although many of our neighbors use St. Michaels as a getaway 2nd home, about a third of the owners make this their year-round home.

As a community, we host annual picnics, holiday parties and tree lightings, and participate in fund raising events in St. Michaels and Talbot County. The Hambleton Cove Home Owners Association (HCHA) is part of the larger Martingham Property Owners Association and, working together, the various neighborhoods strive to maintain a vibrant, safe, and active community.  The many challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic have brought significant changes to the way we communicate and thrive as a community.  We now offer a regular video conference call to all of our owners, not only to conduct HCHA business, but to stay connected with our friends and neighbors.

We have a separate 5-member Board as well as our own bylaws, which take precedent over the MPOA bylaws. Our bylaws and other governing documents, like our homeowner directory, are provided to all new owners.

Historical Perspective of Hambleton Cove: The first patent for part of the land our community owns was granted in 1650, by Lord Baltimore to Robert Martyn, who later named the tract “Martingham.” Mr. Martyn conveyed part of the tract to William Hambleton in 1659. One of the more prominent early settlers to this area, Hambleton served as high sheriff of Talbot County in 1663, was a member of the Maryland House of Burgesses in 1666, and a Gentleman Justice from 1668, until his death in 1675. The Hambleton family owned our land continuously from 1659 to 1945. Hambleton Cove was named for this family.

Our Board is happy to answer any questions you may have.  Again, welcome! Our community is filled with friendly folks, and we look forward to meeting you.

Bob Leary
President, Hambleton Cove Home Owners’  Association

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